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Great broadcast tonight, seriously!! I’m so pumped about everything that we’re up to lately. Rachel and I have been taking some time to spend with our family, and refocus our efforts after a huge 3-month stint of working ourselves to death. We’re getting refreshed and coming up with some fantastic ideas for the writing community moving forward.

We’re looking to launch a place for everyone to talk about ink and paper. There is a lot of exciting stuff to talk about with ink and paper, and we want to build a platform for everyone to communicate with us and each other about things like the Ink Drop club. We want to build an easily referenced archive of pictures and info on ink and paper, with a built in forum for people to talk about it all. Think a small-scale FPN meets wikipedia. We have some testing we’re doing, and it seems like there is some real potential. Keeping in mind, we’re not trying to replace FPN as this will be a community built around the fans of Ink Nouveau and the Goulet Pen Company….it will be fully disclosed as such and completely sponsored by us. We’ll let you know more as that progresses.

October’s Ink Drop is out! It’s hush-hush though until the 7th when we disclose the colors of the month 😉

The giveaway was an A5 Clairefontaine Basic Clothbound notebook (red) to the one who could guess how many A8 size notepads could fit within the cover size of an A3 notepad. The correct answer? 32! The tiny No. 10 Rhodia pad was the A8 sample, and the Clairefontaine GraFit sketchbook was the A3 sample. I went into an explanation of the whole shabang of paper sizes, which I’ll go into more detail soon when I post my video on it.

I have been in a bit of a quandary about how to go about doing ink reviews for far too long, and tonight Rachel helped me have sort of an epiphany (although it is an obvious one). How about I use the video platform (that I’m already using) to do the type of reviews that are difficult to do in written form? Duh! Rather than trying to get the same content just in a different media, I plan to focus on getting a lot of the information across that’s hard to do in written form, like broad overviews of brands and color groupings, as well as complex comparisons of different ink brands. I plan to continue to host all of my videos on YouTube, but I will embed them on Ink Nouveau here, coupled with scans and pictures, as well as written content. It’ll be pretty comprehensive!

**I do want to clarify one thing from the video…I talked about the quality of my Goulet pens, and how they looked beautiful but wrote mediocre. I was speaking in reference to my fountain pens, not the rollerballs (of which I have a few left). The reason for this is because as a small pen maker, it was near impossible to get quality parts like feeds and nibs for fountain pens, so I was forced to use the parts available to me. This was a huge reason why my fountain pens were never really able to get off the ground, and that’s also the reason you don’t see a lot of small companies out there making fountain pens. My rollerballs work great, they are both beautiful and functional. I made some 800+ rollerballs which was the mainstay of my business for years. It wasn’t until got into the world of fountain pens that my ability to make nice pens for my discerning customers became a problem 😉

It was a very fun and very information-packed broadcast this time, so hopefully you can spare an hour and 15 minutes to watch the whole thing!