I think today is going to be a busy day.

There are a lot of things happening over at GouletPens.com today. Here’s what we have going up for sale at some point today:

  • Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses
  • J. Herbin 1670
  • Exclusive ‘test market’ Noodler’s Nib Creaper Fountain Pens
  • Pelikan Edelstein Onyx

Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses

This ink has created a lot of buzz lately. It was only announced a week ago today that it even existed. We immediately ordered it and received our shipment in yesterday. We decided to wait a day to list it though because the 1670 is expected to come in today and we wanted to wait list them together since we figured there would be a lot of people who’d want both inks. 1670 could come at 8am, or 8pm, we have no idea. As soon as we get it in and check it all out, we’re going to list everything at once and let the madness begin!

I simply couldn’t resist, I had to try the ink for myself. I did a swab of it and also inked up my Pelikan M800 italic to see what the fuss is all about. Keep in mind, these are fairly quick pictures and color edits, and though they are color adjusted, they appear a little more purple in the pics here than in person. Check it out:

My take on it? Pretty friggin’ sweet. It has some intense shading, and is a pretty wet writing ink. It writes very nicely in my italic, and in the Noodler’s Nib Creaper pen I tried it in. It’s a color pretty close to Diamine Syrah, but with much wilder shading. I don’t think this ink will be one to disappoint, especially if you’re using a flex or italic nib.

Black Swan comes in 3 ounce bottles and we’ll be selling it for $12.50 a bottle, a pretty darn good price for what you get! We’ve been told by our distributor that they don’t have any more, so once we’re out, we’re out. I suspect it will go fast, probably by the end of the day, if not in a matter of hours after we list it.

We aren’t imposing a limit-per-person rule for this ink, but we do ask if you please aren’t in dire need of multiple bottles that you give others a chance to purchase. The demand for the ink has spiked rapidly and we’re expecting to get cleared out in record time. We know not everyone that wants it will get a chance to get it from this first batch, and we’re so sorry about that! 

J. Herbin Rouge Hematite (1670 anniversary ink)

This is a limited edition ink, and that’s no joke. The last shipment of it we had was in September, and that was sold out in 2 hours. Before that, it was July, and that also sold out in 2 hours. In the last 5+ months we have had this ink in stock on our website for less than 5 hours total.

We’re happy to announce that we’re expecting our largest shipment of 1670 ink that we’ve ever received to arrive today. Barring any shipping damage or something crazy, we will look to have it listed for sale as soon as it comes in and we are able to inventory the bottles. If you haven’t been able to get it before, today will be your best chance yet.

This will be the first time we’ve ever sold this ink without a ‘one-per-person’ rule!! Grab as many as you like, especially keeping in mind these will make GREAT Christmas gifts! The ink comes in a 50ml bottle and costs $20 at GouletPens.com.

Noodler’s Nib Creaper Fountain Pen

This pen is one that you’ve probably never seen. I know I hadn’t before we got them in yesterday! They’re based on the same body type as the Noodler’s Nib Creaper Rollerball pen (right), which is currently regularly available for sale.

The Nib Creaper Fountain pen has a ventless nib. What that means is there’s no air ‘breather’ hole in it like most fountain pens. From what I understand, this is a design more common in certain vintage pens. Here’s some pics of the pen:

Like the rollerball, it’s a piston-filling pen with a blind cap:

Here’s the difference in the nib on the Noodler’s Piston Fountain Pen (left) and Nib Creaper (right):

It’s important to note that this pen does not have the ebonite feed like the other Noodler’s pens, but they do have nibs with a hint of flex to them. I don’t think I would advertise them as ‘flex’ pens, but there is a bit of line variation as you write. The Noodler’s ‘Flex’ nib pens are expected in the next couple of weeks.

At GouletPens.com we have an exclusive, limited stock of these Nib Creaper ventless nib fountain pens, and once they’re gone I don’t know if they’ll ever come back. A lot of that will have to do with how popular they are! So what I’ll need is for anyone who purchases one to be sure to give us feedback about its use. We’re going to look to set up some kind of online survey especially for this purpose, and we’ll contact you about it if you buy one. At $14, it’s not a bad pen!!

Pelikan Edelstein Onyx

It’s been months since we’ve ordered this ink, and for some reason Pelikan hadn’t sent any into the US, until now! We received our backorder yesterday, completely out of the blue. So, it’s getting lumped in with the release of all this other stuff today!! Why not? I did a review of this ink here on Ink Nouveau as I did have one test bottle, so you can check that out.

This ink will be available in a fairly limited quantity at GouletPens.com. A 50ml bottle goes for $19.

My Recommendation:

If you really want any of this stuff here, do these things:

  1. Sign up for the email notification for whatever of these products you want. 
  2. Load up your cart at GouletPens.com with whatever else you want first (other inks, paper, wax seal stuff, etc). You can save your cart and have everything but this limited stock stuff ready to go. When you get the email notification on whatever it is you’re waiting for, you can quickly load it in your cart.
  3. Checkout fast! Complete your payment for the whole purchase, and you’re giving yourself the best chance at getting the good stuff! You aren’t reserving anything just by having it in your cart, it’s all about who checks out first.

I will warn you, we’re expecting an extremely high volume of purchases this weekend. We’ve geared up with an overall increase in our inventory, but we’re sure to be out of stock on more products than usual. We’re going to reorder things as quickly as we can, but because of this coming weekend followed by Thanksgiving, expect some holes.

Also, expect it may take a little longer than our 24-36 hour typical ship time. It’s just me and Rachel working here, and we’ll be pulling loooooong days, but we can only pack so many orders in a day. We’re going to be working like crazy people, so your patience is appreciated.

It’s going to be a crazy fun day!