We were hoping yesterday that the Fedex truck with our 1670 ink would arrive in the morning. It didn’t. We (and you) ended up waiting all day into the night for it to show up.

We were crazy amped up all day long, waiting and waiting and waiting as the anticipation built all day. We were constantly checking our list of in-stock requests for all of our new fancy stuff. It’s absolutely amazing the excitement that’s buzzing around everything, particularly the new Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses and a restocking of our largest shipment yet of J. Herbin 1670 (Rouge Hematite) ink.

We received the Black Swan and Noodler’s pens on Thursday, but decided to wait until Friday to list everything for sale, because the 1670 ink was due to come in and we knew a lot of people wanted to get both. Usually, Fedex shipments arrive to us in the morning, but not yesterday. Our tracking # said it was put on a truck for delivery at 8:53am, and it arrived to us at….9:30pm!!!! The Fedex guy looked REAL tired, let me tell you. He said he almost put off our shipment until tomorrow, but he was really glad he didn’t when I told him that everyone was waiting for it!

But we’re thankful it came in even as late as it did. We were so antsy, so excited, it was a crazy rollercoaster of a day. But now the real work begins for us….Rachel and I have to process the orders, pack and ship them all, reinventory, restock everything that’s sold…..we’re going to have one busy weekend!!

We appreciate everyone’s patience. Everyone was a real great sport, we were all having fun bantering on Twitter and in the comments on yesterday’s blog post, it was great! The writing community is really so awesome. You all freakin’ rock!

Forgive me if the blog will be a little ‘light’ for the next few days. I’ll still look to keep it going though. We’ll be working hard on the GPC side of things for a few days here….now you’ll all just have to wait for us for everything to come to YOU!