I’ve been blogging every day for 5 months, and I’ve been loving it. And tomorrow, exactly 5 months to the day since I started my streak, I’m going to break it.

I’m taking a week off entirely from Ink Nouveau, and I’m canceling this week’s Write Time at 9. I’ve been keeping a pretty heavy pace lately, and the passing of Rachel’s grandfather last week really took a lot out of me. I need to spend some time to pray and reflect on everything that’s happened, and refocus what I’m doing here on the blog.

GouletPens.com will continue operating as usual. I’ll still answer emails and be available, I just need to devote some time to my family and my faith, and really plan out what we’re doing moving forward with this blog.  We’re also doing a lot of preparation for the holiday season that is taking a great deal of time.

I recognize that we have a lot of loyal fans and followers here on Ink Nouveau, and I’m sorry that for the next week you will be left with nothing new to read. I encourage you to leave me comments here about what are some of the most important things to you on Ink Nouveau so I can focus on those things moving forward. I also encourage you to leave comments on past blog posts, as they will also help me to gauge what is most important to you. My time isn’t becoming more abundant, so I want to focus my efforts on the things that you value the most.

Thanks so much everyone for your support, I’ll see you next week!