Wednesday: Write Time at 9

Wednesday is normally when we’d be posting the recorded video broadcast of our Write Time at 9, but we canceled it this week because of family coming in for Thanksgiving. We were going to announce December’s Ink Drop theme, so we’ll just do it in written form instead. 

There were a lot of great guesses for what the theme might be in yesterday’s blog post, I think my favorite was a ‘Festivus‘ theme, haha! Well, that’s not it, but maybe we’ll keep it on the backburner for next year ;)

We debated quite a bit about what to do for this month’s theme. We personally celebrate Christmas, but not everyone does. We don’t want to ‘force’ any type of holiday or anything on anyone, so we’re covering our bases and making it impossible to offend anyone. So our December theme is:

Merry Happy!

What colors do you think will be in December’s drop?