Monday: Ink Stuff

This is the hot new ink! Nathan’s video on it sparked a lot of excitement about it, though the real test is going to be the 500+ pens that start flowing with it this week as the shipments begin to drop. I personally inked it up in two pens, and I do really like the color and the shading effect. Here’s a snapshot of it in case you missed it the other day (though I’m not crazy 100% confident in my adjustment of the color, it at least gives you an idea):

I’ve read one other review where the user wasn’t thrilled with the ink, but the pen they used was a Pilot 78g, so I question it a little bit. It’s pretty evident to me from actually using the ink that this is going to be one that sparks a lot of conversation. The ink acts very differently in different pens, and really has a wide range of colors depending on its usage. Nathan apparently designed the ink for flex nibs and very wet writers, I personally used my Pelikan m800 italic 1.5mm in the pic above.

Since there are so many Ink Nouveau readers out there who are getting this ink in soon, I’m going to ask for your feedback once you have a chance to thoroughly test out this ink. I’ll work up my own review of the ink over T-day weekend, and I’d love it if we could start a conversation (in the comments) about the ink on next Monday’s post when I put up my review.

So what are your expectations for Black Swan?