Monday: Ink Day!!
I picked a real ‘convenient’ time to do an Ink Nouveau hiatus last week, because we found out that Noodler’s is coming out with a new line of extreme shading inks, with the first in the series being Black Swan in Australian Roses. It’s an incredibly intriguing ink, a dark purple/black color with pink ‘halo’ around the outer edges when on paper.

I’m really, really curious to see how this ink looks in person. I found out about it by email from my distributor, and literally minutes later I placed an order for it. Less than an hour after I first heard about the ink, I had people emailing me about it as other retailers had already begun blogging about it. I think people are THAT excited about this ink. It kiiiiilled me to refrain from blogging that very second, but I stuck to my guns and rode out my whole week off, yay me. Whew, thank goodness it’s over though!

Here’s a video on the ink from the man behind Noodler’s, Mr. Nathan Tardiff:

This video gets me really excited for the ink, but also for the new Noodler’s flex nib pens that are coming out!! We’ve already ordered a bunch of them, don’t worry, but it’ll be a couple of weeks before they come in. They’re going to be offered in the full range of colors as all of the Noodler’s piston-full pens. We’ll talk more about Noodler’s pens in Tuesday’s Write Time at 9 broadcast.

Black Swan on the other hand, will be in this week. It’s going to be nuts, though, I’m just warning you! We already have more people on our email wait list than we ordered in the first shipment (and we ordered a lot). We’ve sent a piggybacking order for more already, so we’ll have that in a couple of days after the first shipment arrives, if more of the ink is available to us. We’ll probably be rapid firing orders from Noodler’s right straight through the turn of the new year!

I’m really, really hoping we aren’t limited on the ink. Even if we aren’t, don’t be surprised if there is a run on this ink and there’s limited availability during the initial release. We’re going to do our best to keep it in stock, we promise! Go to this link and type in your email address to be notified the second Black Swan in Australian Roses is available for sale from Goulet Pens.

Herbin 1670 ink:
As if the Noodler’s wasn’t exciting enough, we also know that Exaclair got in their next shipment from France with J. Herbin’s hard-to-get-but-easy-to-love anniversary ink, Rouge Hematite (aka, 1670). We always order a ton of the ink but we’re always delivered a small amount. We’re really excited this time though, because we’re told we may actually be getting the highest number of bottles we’ve ever received, and just in time to write all of your Christmas letters! If this is the case, we may actually be able to lift our one-bottle-per-customer rule we’ve had in the past. We’ll be blogging before we list any of it for sale though, to give you a heads up. Go to this link and type in your email address to be notified the second 1670 is available for sale from Goulet Pens.

This is just some of what’s been going on this past week. It’s been nuts. Rachel and Joseph were both really sick over the weekend, and I was playing ‘Mr. Mom’, it was very exciting. We’re back into the swing of things here, though, as you can tell! More exciting ink and pen stuff will be going on, and I may be adding extra posts this week for important information as there is really just so much going on with new products coming in!

What do you think about the new Noodler’s ink?