Tuesday: Write Time Itinerary

We’d originally planned to keep Write Time on schedule this week. However, we’ve had a change of plans with family coming in for Thanksgiving, so we’re going to cancel this week to spend time with family. Sorry if it causes any inconvenience!

We do have a special Write Time scheduled for next week though! Brian Gray of the Edison Pen Company is going to join us live via phone (ala Stephanie Smith) and talk about his custom pens, his awesome Urushi pen project and more! It’ll surely be worth tuning in. Let me know if there’s anything you want to ask him!

Thanks everyone for all of your support lately, Rachel and I have been really busting hump and honestly need this Thanksgiving break! We’re going to stop from shipping out any orders until next week, thanks so much for your patience there.

Tomorrow, instead of a Write Time video post, we’ll be posting our Ink Drop theme for December!! What do you think it will be?