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I went on a bit of a rant about international transactions that I have formally apologized for in this post. I did not mean to offend any of our international customers or fans and I apologize if I did!

This was the first broadcast coming back from our week-long hiatus. Of course there was a LOT to talk about, including the new Ink Nouveau schedule, Noodler’s pens, what the heck the ‘nib creaper’ is, Black Swan in Australian Roses, J. Herbin 1670 ink, new holiday gift packages at Goulet Pens, Clairefontaine hardbound notebooks, and a lot more. Unfortunately, Ustream was having some server issues which caused the chatroom to be essentially useless. But the good news is the video and audio both streamed and recorded just fine.

Congrats to Mike too, who won himself a brand new (not even here yet) Noodler’s nib creaper fountain pen, which we will be selling exclusively in a limited ‘test market’ batch. Look for those in the coming next few days at