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Rachel and I have had a bit of a rough go of things in the last week. Her grandfather passed away and we had to quickly go to visit her family for the funeral this past weekend (over 400 miles away). It was our first time traveling with a baby, THAT was interesting. Long story short, we’re very behind on both Ink Drop and our regular orders, and we’re feverishly working to get everything back in order. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we get caught up.

We do have some good things to talk about though! We got in our Noodler’s pens and are going to have them listed in a few days. We have a host of different colors, and we’re carrying the rollerball, fountain pens and ebonite pens. They’re great value pens, good for the price, I think. We’re going to look to set up some starter pen packages for new fountain pen users for the holiday season.

We are looking for ideas for desirable gift packages for this holiday season. Paper/pen/ink combo ideas, specifically, so let us know what you’d like to see!

We’re also going to be getting in Gate City Everflo ink soon! It’s a new ink that a lot of people have been chattering about. We’re excited to dive into it ourselves and see what it’s all about.

The giveaway this week was a bottle of PR Electric DC Blue. Congrats to Tyler for correctly guessing which color ink I have recently reviewed and compared to Electric DC Blue (the answer was Diamine Majestic Blue).