GouletPens.com- New Big Release

My goodness there is a lot happening. We have a lot of new and exciting stuff coming in, and it’s cause for another scheduled ‘release’ like we’ve done in the past with hot new items. So mark your calendars:

Wednesday, December 8th at 12pm (noon) Eastern US time is when it will all go live.

We’ll have:

  • Noodler’s Flex Nib Pens (new)
  • Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses
  • Platinum Plaisir Aluminum Pens (new)
  • Noodler’s (replacement) piston seal o-rings
  • Platinum Preppy o-rings (for eyedropper conversion)

So load up your shopping carts at GouletPens.com, because when 12 noon hits on Wednesday, it’ll be first-to-the-finish gets the prize! We have a lot of cool new stuff coming in.

Noodler’s Flex Nib Pens

These highly-anticipated pens are going to be the main attraction. A pen with a flexible nib allows you to write with varying line thickness based on the amount of pressure you apply when you write. The tines of the nib spread and allow more ink to flow, which not only increased the line width but also provides very dramatic color variation with inks that shade well (ahem, Black Swan!).

The only problem has been that few if any really flexible nib pens have been made in recent years, because they’re finicky to set on the pen and can’t be done by machine (it requires hand work). Your only option previously has been to either buy very expensive custom pens, get a nib custom ground by a nibmeister to add flex, or buy vintage, and these are all expensive options. Until now.

Nathan at Noodler’s has put his vast vintage pen repair experience to work on this (that’s what he did for YEARS before making ink), and he’s hand-setting every single one of the nibs on the Noodler’s Flex Nib pens himself. How? I don’t have a clue. I’m starting to honestly believe that the man is like Willy Wonka and has an army of Oompa Loompas mixing all his inks, with a Baystate Blue waterfall flowing through his magical ink labratory, haha!

Bottom line is that his pens will list for $14. The pen body is identical to the Noodler’s Piston-Fill Fountain Pens:

They’re ultimately going to be available in all colors, but for this initial release only the clear and a mottled red/green pen (called the December 25th pen) are available (I’m afraid I don’t have a pic of the red/green pen for you). That’s all Nathan has ready so far. So to clarify, you can get a piston-fill fountain pen with a flex nib for $14. Not bad.

How much do they flex? I’m not 100% certain because I haven’t even seen one yet myself. I spoke with Nathan about it and he says it’s around a fine/medium normally, and will comfortably flex to 1.5mm (2mm if you really push it). That’s a pretty darn good variation.

You’re going to want to sign up for these ones. They aren’t available in an unlimited supply, it’s all dependent on how many Nathan can get out. We’ve stocked up as much as we’ve been able to get our hands on, but we aren’t incredibly certain when more will be available. Go to the Noodler’s Flex Nib Pen page on our website and sign up for an email notification if you’d like to know the second we list them for sale.

Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses

This ink has also been in hot demand, when we got our first shipment is was gone in 24 hours. You remember all that Friday night drama with the Fedex truck getting in a 9:30pm? Yes, that. Well, the delivery is supposed to arrive on Tuesday, so we figured waiting until Wednesday would save you all from having to cancel your dinner plans and blow off your friends and family! We’re expecting more bottles than we had in the first shipment, a lot more. So hopefully it will last a little while for us, though honestly it’s hard to say! The ink was not only highly anticipated before the first batch of it showed up, but it’s actually been getting a lot of really great feedback since people started using it.

If you’d like some, there’s going to be no limit on bottles as we’re *hoping* with our increased quantities it will allow anyone who wants it to get it. You can sign up for an email notification on the Noodler’s page on our site if you’d like to know as soon as it’s available. 

Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pens

This is a new pen from Platinum that has been a huge hit since it was release about a month ago. We waited a little bit to carry it just because we have SO much going on, but we said ‘eh what the heck’ and went ahead and got them anyway. What are they? They’re essentially the Platinum Preppys that you know and love, but with really sleek and sexy aluminum bodies and a new sealed cap that Platinum has designed for the ink to go a year+ sitting in it without drying out. Here’s the official press release from Platinum about the Plaisirs.

The list price is $21, we’re going to price them at what seems to be the going rate online, $20. They are offered in 2 nib sizes (just like the Preppys), a fine (.3mm) and medium (.5mm). You have seven colors to choose from, which you can see here:

I thought these looked cool, but when I finally got a sample of the black and the violet in my hands, I was even more excited. These are pretty sharp pens, and more durable than the plastic Preppys. The nibs even match the body color of the pen, now how cool is that? The ONLY downside to these pens is that they are not able to be converted to eyedroppers like the Preppys, as the aluminum will react with your ink and give you a not-so-great writing experience. You’ll be limited to using the proprietary Platinum cartridges (one comes with each pen) or converters (which is not included).

If you’re interested in any Plaisirs, we’re going to carry all 7 colors in both nib sizes, and you can find them here.

Noodler’s O-Rings 

Due to popular demand we were able to get you two different o-rings. One is for replacing the piston seal of your Noodler’s Piston-fill fountain pens, and you can see Nathan doing that here:

The other is the o-ring to seal up the body of the Platinum Preppy so you can fill the entire thing with ink, thus increasing the writing time dramatically as well as eliminating the need for the $7 Platinum Converter! With a 4-pack of these O-rings going for only $1, you can get 4 Platinum Preppys for under $16 (they’re $3.95 each) and convert them all to eyedroppers for $.25 each. That’s a tough deal to beat in the fountain pen world.

We’ve already started selling the Noodler’s (replacement) Piston Seal O-rings and the Platinum Preppy o-rings.

Other Cool Stuff

In addition to all of this great stuff, we also still have some J. Herbin 1670 ink, some Noodler’s Nib Creaper fountain pens (though not many!), a bunch of Preppy pen colors that we’ve been missing, Pelikan Script 1.0 pens, and plenty of other ink and paper for you. And if you haven’t heard yet, there’s a couple of cool little bonuses being included in the 4.5 ounce Noodler’s Nikita and Heart of Darkness inks, I blogged about that yesterday.

This is just the latest batch of everything new available at GouletPens.com. Rachel and I are working ourselves hard to provide you all the best stuff and keep you up to date as it comes in. Thanks for being so patient with us, and as always, just post any questions you have here in the comments.