…..for a week! Haha, okay, calm down. The Goulet Pen Company is not going away, in fact, quite the opposite.

Starting December 23rd and going through December 31st we’re going to be completely shutting down GouletPens.com and not taking any orders during that time. That’s crazy right? Why would we intentionally turn down visitors and customers for 8 full days? We have several really good reasons:

  1. Major improvements- we have several functionality improvements that we’re going to make to the site, which is really going to be worthwhile for you! Can’t say what they are though, you’ll just have to find out on January 1st ;)
  2. Physical inventory- Rachel and I need to do a physical inventory of every last thing we have on hand (you can imagine what that entails) for our year-end accounting, and since it’s just the two of us running things, that’s going to take some time
  3. Family time- Rachel and I have been workin’ it pretty hard lately, and we just flat out need a break. We’re going to really enjoy the holidays and spend time together as a family and actually give ourselves a break for once!

There are several things we’re looking to implement with the upcoming changes. We’re not just talking a couple of design changes here, we’re talking about major functionality improvements that will require a somewhat major restructuring to accomplish. We can’t say what we’re working on, but I promise it incorporates what a lot of you have requested in the past.

We’re really sorry that it’s going to be an inconvenience for all of our loyal fans and customers while GouletPens.com is down for 8 days. One thing we are going to try to do to ‘ease the pain’ is to post pictures of all of the swabs from the Swab Shop here on Ink Nouveau, so you at least have that to reference while GPC is down.

During the same period, I’m going to be taking a break from blogging as well. I want to make sure I am making time for my family during our break :) Don’t worry, there’s close to 300 posts here now, so I’m sure you can poke around and find some old posts you never knew were here, maybe post some funny comments, things like that. Write Time at 9 will also be canceled for the 28th, so we’ll be announcing January’s Ink Drop theme on the 21st’s broadcast instead so you aren’t left wondering!

Take this opportunity to really have your voice heard, as we’ll be dedicating ourselves to really getting GouletPens.com improved like never before. So what changes do you think we’re going to make? What would you like to see us change?