Just a couple of quick pics here of the pen that’s causing all the hubbub. I’m a TOTAL hack at using a flex nib, it’s something that takes some practice. I haven’t had the time to practice since they came in….hmmm… I wonder why? ;)

These pics ought to be enough just to satisfy some of your initial curiosity, this is not a full review by any means! Of course there was only one choice when it came time to ink it up. Black Swan, duh.

Now I have a tiiiny bit of experience with flex nibs. I have a Waterman 52 and Mabie Todd Swallow from the 20’s-30’s, and I have to say that the Noodler’s pen is not far off from them. The nib is a different design on the Noodler’s pen, it’s a ‘Nib Creaper’ ventless nib that has a slit that goes all the way up into the section, that’s how you get all that flex. Here’s unflexed:

And flexed:

Unlike the feedback I heard about the first ‘test market’ of the Noodler’s Flex Nib pens, I found these to flex quite easily and without a lot of effort. You definitely need to write slower, and there’s a ‘sweet spot’ on the nib that you need to find by adjusting the angle you hold the pen, but when all’s good, it’s a pretty awesome little pen. At $14 it’s a tremendous value and a lot of fun to use.

What do you think?