Friday: Pen Stuff

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It’s always nice to drool! This is a pen that most of us can’t hope to afford, but we can still appreciate the artistry. It’s the new Pelikan Maki-e Fireworks.

The Pelikan ‘Fireworks’ Maki-e Fountain Pen

The Pelikan Maki-e Fireworks combines the drama of fireworks – brilliant colors and thrilling shapes – with the elegance of the Kaga Togidashi Maki-e.

Fireworks are a major cultural attraction in Japan where approximately 500 shows occur annually. Although upward of 20,000 fireworks are used per display, they fall into just two main categories: Kiku-mono and Botan-mono. The first of these, Kiku-mono, refers to the glorious ‘chrysanthemum type’ in which sparks leave a descending trail of sparks behind them, disappearing gradually into the inky black sky. Botan-mono – the ‘peony type’ – do not leave these trails, but explode in a massive and brilliant flash.*

This exquisite Maki-e depicts the experience of the Japanese firework display in its rendering of an orange Kiku-mono (peony) on the cap and multiple Botan-mono (chysanthemums) along the length of the barrel. Premier quality mother-of-pearl shellwork is inlaid, as is sumptuous gold. The Pelikan logo is on the crown, along with the limited edition number and the artist’s signature, which is etched by hand using the classic Maki-e technique.

The ‘Fireworks’ Maki-e fountain pen is strictly limited to only 88 pieces worldwide. Each individual pen is encased in a spectacularly beautiful Paulownia wood pen box and reflects the marriage of Pelikan technology with traditional Japanese craftsmanship.

Orders for Maki-e Firework pens received now will be custom-made, with an estimated delivery of early February 2011.

These pens aren’t cheap, that’s for sure. They’re listing for $3,600, which I may note is more than my wife’s Honda Accord that I hit with our Aztek in our driveway that exciting day when I met the UPS Mac truck for our DC Pen Show delivery (remember that?).

What do you think? Nice, right?