Rachel and I decided to shut down GouletPens.com entirely from December 23rd through December 31st. The entire website will be unavailable during this time and we will be unable to accept any orders during this 8-day period. It’s crazy, I know, but there are several good reasons we have for doing it:

  1. Improving functionality- we’re implementing several new features on GouletPens.com that require a major infrastructure rebuild and the site would be very hacked-up if we left it up. Imagine eating in a restaurant while it’s undergoing major renovations! It’s going to be much less confusing to simply take the site down, make the fixes, and put it back up.
  2. Physical Inventory- Rachel and I need to do an inventory of everything, which is no small task at this point! We need to get everything straight before the first of the year for accounting and taxes and all that fun stuff.
  3. Taking a break- Rachel and I are a mom and pop business (sometimes my parents help fill ink samples and things like that, too), and we’ve been doing everything ourselves. We love doing it all, and it’s been great fun in 2010, but we flat out need a break.

Though we will be working quite a bit still during this break, we will be focusing a great deal on spending time together as a family and taking the time to enjoy our son’s first Christmas. These are the days we’ll never get back!

Getting Your Goulet Fix

You may find during this 8-day period that you will begin to go through ink and paper shopping withdrawal. You will have to find something else to do at work besides cruise the Swab Shop ;)I am not being super strict about not blogging during the ‘break’, but don’t be surprised if I take the full 8 day break on Ink Nouveau as well. I think a great way to pass the time is to dive into old Ink Nouveau posts. I have some good stuff I did a while back that you may never have seen, so I’ll suggest some of my favorites:

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Swab Shop

The hardest part about GouletPens.com will surely be the absence of the Swab Shop. Though we can’t replicate the dynamic comparison function of it here on the blog, here are screenshots of the Swab Shop brands to at least give you something:

Hopefully you’ll be able to survive without us for a week ;) We’re going to get rested up and come back better and stronger to take on 2011. What do you think about us taking a break?