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This week we talked about all of the new stuff we have dropping today:

We’re doing a big release of all of these products at 12 (noon) EST, so make sure to rearrange your schedule accordingly if you’re interested. The flex nib pens will go FAST, of that I’m sure! I finally got to test out the Flex Nib pens too, and I have to say they actually exceeded my expectation! Especially for $14, there is just nothing like it out there. Nothing.

Here’s everything else we covered:

December Ink Drop colors- Diamine Ruby, Diamine Evergreen, Noodler’s Polar Blue, Private Reserve Fiesta Red, and Private Reserve Spearmint. We wanted to go with some festive holiday colors. It seems like USPS is running a little behind, not surprisingly for this time of year. If you haven’t gotten your Drop yet, just be patient, it’s on its way!

Brian Gray/Brian Goulet collaborative pens-
we’re going to be working on them over the next month or so, and we’re always open to ideas about colors you might like. We’re looking at offering 2 or 3 different colors. Check out Brian Gray’s gallery for ideas. We’re shooing to keep the pens priced under $150, so that alone is very exciting!

Pen show appearances (maybe)- Rachel and I have talked about doing pen shows in 2011, but more as attendees. We’d love to walk around and get a chance to talk and meet with everyone, not do like we did at the DC show and just hustle product all day long (that’s what the website’s for, right?).

New potential ink brands to bring in for 2011- We posted about this just the other day. We’re looking to expand our ink offerings and we’re trying to nail down what will be the best ones to go after first. The ones we have in our crosshairs are Waterman, Parker, Rohrer and Klingner, and Sailor. We haven’t nailed down the timing of the expansion, but you can probably expect to see these in the next few months.

Potential new products lines for 2011- We’re always looking to offer new things you might like. We do have some things we’re exploring right now, but we’ll keep them on the down-low for now. If you ever have any ideas of what you’d like us to carry, let us know.

Goulet exclusive Noodler’s colors-
We’ve talked to Nathan about this and it’s a definite possibility. Though we don’t have anything nailed down yet, we’re open to ideas any time. Nathan’s a little busy (understatement) with his new pens and everything else, and we’re pretty busy right now too. We’re going to look to make this happen early 2011. We’ll be blogging and looking for your input to help us design some awesome inks for GPC.

First ever Ink Nouveau contest giveaway (it’ll be sweeeeet)- Ohhhh yes. Once things settle down a bit after the release we’re going to run a blog contest/giveaway next week here on Ink Nouveau. I don’t want to spoil it, but we’ll be giving away at least 5 different incredibly awesome prizes to help increase the readership and participation here on Ink Nouveau. We put a LOT of work into this blog (about 2-4 hours a day, usually), and we want as many people to benefit from it as possible.