This week’s Write Time at 9 will be a busy one! If you’re just hanging out tonight at 9pm EST, you should just hang out with us and talk pen stuff. Here’s what’s on the itinerary:

  • Noodler’s Flex Nib pens- hopefully I’ll have them to show and test live
  • Platinum Plaisirs- I will have these to show live
  • The super-crazy-epic GPC release tomorrow at noon
  • December Ink Drop colors….?
  • Brian Gray/Brian Goulet collaborative pens
  • Pen show appearances (maybe)
  • New potential ink brands to bring in for 2011
  • Potential new products lines for 2011
  • Goulet exclusive Noodler’s colors
  • First ever Ink Nouveau contest giveaway (it’ll be sweeeeet)

I think that’ll about do it for this week, haha! Wow, that’s actually a lot to cover now that I look at it. Good thing I always stay focused and on topic…..

One thing I am debating about is whether or not to reveal the Ink Drop colors…USPS is pretty busy right now and even though we mailed everything out on the 1st, there are still plenty of Ink Drop members that haven’t gotten them yet. We don’t want to spoil any surprises, so let me know if you think we should reveal the colors or not during the broadcast and we’ll decide from there. Just post what you think in the comments.