Yesterday was just awesome. The genuine excitement that you all have for what Rachel and I do is addictive and infectious, and I don’t ever want it to stop! We are both humbled and delighted with all of the support lately for, Ink Nouveau, and everything we do. I have to say is that I love pens, ink, and paper, but it’s all of you as individuals and as a writing community that make me sure that we’re doing the right thing day in and day out.

Rachel and I are going to be pretty busy for the next several days. Our big release yesterday was record shattering for us, and we’re going to be waking up early and staying up late Bing-Bang-Bonging it all day long until we’re caught back up. The blogging may be a little light over the next few days, but we’re gonna do our best to keep it going.

We always appreciate hearing from you, so if you’d like to leave any comments about how writing enhances your life, I’m sure others will be inspired to read it (I know I will be).