One of the best parts about having my own business is that it’s never boring. I get to do a diverse range of interesting tasks every day, and if I want to learn something new I just go for it.

Rachel and I took down for 9 full days, partly to relax with family, and partly to update the site with awesome new features like a wish list, mobile browser, and individual color swabs next to the ink sample products. After making all these changes, what we quickly noticed was that the site’s product photography was incredibly lacking.
We had a hodge-podge of stock photos, pictures taken by my sister-in-law (Rebekah Goldman, an actual photographer) and ones I’d taken, yes, with my video camera. It was a hot mess, and the new changes to our website were exposing this fact and showcasing it.

The day we shut down our site, I had one of those clear moments when you just know what you have to do. I knew I had to get a good camera and learn to the product photography for our site, and I had to do it immediately. So I did. I dove into the deep end head first, picked myself up a snazzy little Nikon D3100 and a 35mm Nikor f/1.8 lens. You see, Rebekah’s a professional photographer, and I knew I could learn pretty quickly what I needed to do with her guidance while visiting with her at Christmas. I did a photography blizt/crash course and I’m pumping out some pretty alright pics if I do say so myself!

Just check out the improvements we’ve already made to the Diamine ink page:

Nice bottle pic, seemless white background that blends into the site, integrated color-adjusted ink swab for each color….I gotta say I’m pretty proud of it! And we’re going to do the same thing with all of the other inks on the site. I’m excited.

We’re working on updating all of the pictures on We want to have a professional look to it, but also a warm and personal feel like you would expect from a mom and pop store like us. We’re going to be focusing pretty heavy on this for the next few weeks, so I’m going to be focusing (haha, no pun intended) more of my efforts on GPC over posting daily at Ink Nouveau. Once I get things up to pace on GPC, then I’m going to start blasting awesome photos all over the place here on the blog!

If you have any ideas about how the photographs could improve on our site, please post here in the comments! We’re going to do our best to convey the most amount of information about each product through pictures, and if you have anything you’d like us to showcase, we’re all ears.

And just to show you a bit of how I’m coming along with the photog thing, here are a few pics I took of my son from his very first Christmas: