Rachel and I are always thinking of fun new ideas for Ink Drop and the idea came to us a couple of days ago to do a ‘choose your own’ Ink Drop, so that’s what we’re doing in March! We’re calling it Mysterious March!

We have a link below for you to vote on the 5 colors you’d like to see out of the nearly 300 colors we have, excluding those that have already been used for Ink Drop so far. The 5 most popular choices will be used in March’s Ink Drop! Vote now, it won’t take long:

Vote here!!  (Contest now closed)

We’ll be accepting votes between now until 11:59pm EST Wednesday (1/26). We thought this would be something fun to get everyone excited and have something to talk about. What do you want (or not want…) to see in March? Do you have any cool ideas for a theme?