Nathan Tardif from Noodler’s never ceases to amaze me, and I’m sure most of you too! He posted a video tonight covering several rather epic topics. It’s a 29 minute video (I watched the whole thing immediately!), and he covers a bunch of topics, so I broke them all down with a time marker for easier reference:

Here are the topics he covers (with the time stamp for each topic):

  • 0:00- Baystate Blue, smacking down the naysayers, showing the pens that come with the 4.5 ounce version, water test, smear test, showcasing the ink in 3 different types of pens
  • 14:15- converting the Noodler’s Ebonite pen to an eyedropper, demonstrating his flex nib
  • 18:25- special 3 ounce Baystate Blue bottles with labels worth $50 of Noodler’s pens (like Willy Wonka’s Golden Tickets!!!)
  • 19:45- detailed examination of the Noodler’s rollerball pen, cleaning the rollerball tip, demonstrating the pen in use

A special thanks to Mike for sending me the link to this video. I subscribe to Nathan’s videos, but Mike sent me the link before I got my subscription email! I was the 4th view, haha! ;) It’s crazy, Nathan puts these videos up and doesn’t even give a heads up to his retailers (not complaining, just stating a fact). He is a man who lives by his own accord, that’s for sure!

I know there are several things going on in this video, what do you think?