I’m crazy excited about some of the new products coming from Clairefontaine and Rhodia this year. To see the Exaclair interactive online catalog for yourself, go here. Exaclair is the sole importer of these brands in the US.

What excites me most:

  • Rhodia Premium Staplebound Notepads (essentially off-white Triomphe!!)
  • More sizes of Rhodia pad holders (all with pen loops)
  • Rhodia Unlimited notebook
  • Dot Webbies!
  • Rhodia Pencil Pouches
  • Rhodia Pencil Cups
  • “The Reporter” Clairefontaine Life. Unplugged. Steno pad
  • Ruled CF Twinbooks
  • Clairefontaine A5 size French-ruled Wirebound
  • New ‘Artsy’ Clairefontaine Notebook covers
  • Habanas in off-white paper
  • Artsy cover Habanas
  • 1670 ink continued into 2011!!
  • J. Herbin dip pen Luminescent ink
  • Clairefontaine ‘Crok’ Books, staplebound sketch books

There’s lots of exciting stuff, but you’ll have to drool for a few months! Most of these won’t be in until the Spring, likely April or May. Until then, try not to drool into your keyboard, that gets messy. :P

What of these are you excited about?