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This is by far the most entertaining Write Time to date! We went in with a pretty open format, but things really became exciting when we unveiled a working prototype of the collaborative Edison and Goulet pen, unofficially dubbed the ‘Brian G’ pen. Brian Gray was in the chat, so we had him call in and talk by phone.

Watching this broadcast, you get an insight into some of the aspects of what go into pen design from both a seller and pen maker. It was great for us to get live feedback as well, especially when it came to the clip! We had a myriad of different clips that we put on the pen prototype, some as serious contenders, and some as complete jokes. Fans in the chat dubbed some of the best (meaning worst) clips with such names as the ‘squid’ and the ‘vegetable peeler’. It was quite a riot, with many gut-busting moments!

If you only watch one Write Time, watch this one. It’s freaking entertaining. The real fun starts about 1/2 hour in.

Also, be sure to stop by Brian Gray’s live broadcast tonight at 9pm EST where he’s going to be unveiling his overlay pen for the very first time. He’s been teasing everyone with little previews, and from what I’ve seen they are truly something worth checking out. Very nice indeed!