Join us live every Tuesday night at 9pm EST for Write Time at 9! We talk pens, paper, ink, and random other things (writing related usually). This week was Fountain Pen 101.

Fountain Pen 101:

We wanted to keep this episode simple. We’ve had a lot of people new to fountain pens that have been asking us to cover the basics lately, so we dedicated this show to it. We cover mainly what makes a fountain pen different from a ballpoint/rollerball pen, how it works, what is a nib, what are the nib sizes, etc.

We also discovered that J. Herbin Creapen ink cartridges are the same size as Platinum cartridges! What that means is that you can use the 5 J. Herbin ink cartridges from the Creapen in your favorite Platinum pens (like the Preppy). Sweet huh? The giveaway was a pack of these cartridges, which TWRDO won by guessing how many posts Ink Nouveau has had during its first year (288 total).

We have a really cool and exciting idea for Ink Drop for March, which we’ll be posting here on Thursday. 😉

We showed how to use a rocking blotter (towards the end of the video), and what blotting paper is. I’ll be doing a more detailed video on that soon.

No real updates on the Brian G. pen yet, we have clips coming in and it’s going to be a few weeks before we get those in. the clips are the holdup at this point. I won’t be hyping it up and getting everyone too excited about them until it’s closer to the delivery date.

Here are a couple of resources I said I’d post in the video:

Brian Gray’s explanation of nib tine alignment

Richard Binder’s article on ‘the basics’ of pen nibs

John Mottishaw’s guide for left-handed writers