This week Write Time at 9 is going to be heavy Q&A. If you’re just hanging out tonight at 9pm EST, you should just hang out with us and talk pen stuff.

I’ve been getting a lot of requests from those new to the world of fountain pens for me to cover more of the ‘basics’, so this week we’ll be doing a Fountain Pen 101 broadcast. Some things we’ll look to focus on:

  • How a fountain pen works
  • Different nib sizes and what they do
  • Inks and how they interact with the pen and paper
  • How paper can change your whole writing experience
  • Pen cleaning and maintenance

In addition to this, we’ll be talking about how a blotter can salvage a troublesome ink. I’ve been playing with my blotter lately and want to share what I’ve learned so far. I’ve been planning to do more Fountain Pen 101 videos, so this will be a good trial for me to see what topics I should focus on first.

If you have any questions about fountain pen basics, post them here or bring them with you in the chat tonight!