This week Write Time at 9 is going to be a lot about pens. If you’re just hanging out tonight at 9pm EST, you should just hang out with us and talk pen stuff.

Posting has been light lately, for good reason. We’ve been slammed lately, and what little free time I’ve had I’ve been spending with family. Thanks to all my loyal followers for bearing with me during a very busy time for me :) If you want to say what’s up and hear why I’m so busy, come tonight to the broadcast.

Here’s what’s on the agenda tonight:

  • Noodler’s Flex Nib pen adjustments and repair
  • Platinum Music Pen (my latest toy!)
  • Coming Noodler’s Music Pens
  • Nathan Tardiff’s Noodler’s Baystate Blue video reaction
  • Announcement of February’s Ink Drop theme!
  • Noodler’s Waterase feedback

Today is a special day, not only because it’s the anniversary of my and Rachel’s engagement, but it’s also our son Joseph’s first birthday! We’re going to strictly keep the broadcast to one hour, no bonus time so we can enjoy the rest of the evening as a family :)