Picture Courtesy of Bruno Taut of Crónicas Estilográfic

We live in an online world today, that’s for sure! I was chatting it up on Twitter the other day (@GouletPens) and I was asked about Platinum Mix-Free inks, and shown a link to Bruno Taut’s blog Crónicas Estilográficas. I had never heard anything about them! I immediately inquired about what they were with the Platinum dealer here in the US. So here’s what I know right now:

  • Platinum Mix-Free inks are (apparently) a new line of premium inks that are mixable with each other. 
  • There are 9 different inks that you can mix together to create a whole palette of colors. There will be Smoke Black, Aqua Blue, Aurora Blue, Silky Purple, Cyclamen Pink, Flame Red, Earth Brown, Sunny Yellow, and Leaf Green.
  • They’re 60ml bottles (same as the current Platinum Carbon and Pigmented inks) and are supposedly going to sell in Japan for around 1200 JPY. No official word yet what the sale price will be in the US, but it’s estimated to be between $16-20 per bottle.
  • No official date for when they’ll be available in the US, probably early June but don’t hold me to that!
Picture courtesy of Bruno Taut of Crónicas Estilográfic

This is really about all we know for now. We’re caught a little off-guard by this ‘announcement’ because there wasn’t supposed to be any official word on them yet. What happened was that Platinum held a demonstration of the inks in the Itoya store in Ginza (Tokyo). Bruno was at this store when they happened to be displaying the Mix-Free inks in what appears to be some kind of test-market setup. Apparently, even Platinum retailers in the same city knew nothing about these inks. Bruno’s blog seems to be the introduction of Mix-Free to the world!

Moral of the story? It’s hard to keep something secret if you’re going to display it in a public place. With today’s cell-phone cameras and blogs, it doesn’t take long for word to get around! Now we’re all going to be waiting eagerly for these inks to arrive in the US. We will plan to carry the full line at GouletPens.com as soon as they’re available, probably not until April. Platinum is probably surprised by the fact that people already know about this ink. But there are still logistics to put into place before this ink will be ready for worldwide distribution. Be patient! Look for more posts here as we find out more…

Pictures are courtesy of Bruno Taut. It is requested that you ask Bruno if you would like to repost these pictures.