As many of you know, Brian Gray and I are currently working on a collaborative pen together. I’ve clearly hitched on to the right wagon, here! I’m so thrilled for my good buddy Brian as his Edison Huron has been nominated for the ‘Easy Writer’ award for 2011 done by Pen World Magazine (of which I have no affiliation).

Edison Huron

The votes are open to anyone, but to cast your vote you need to send in the ballot that comes in the insert in Pen World. It’s obviously partly a marketing ploy to get you to buy their magazine, but it’s worth it to support a great independent pen maker like Brian. If you happen to subscribe or if you see the next issue of Pen World on a news stand somewhere, pick it up and vote for him. Hopefully this will bring him some good PR whether he wins or not, and he can continue to make righteous custom pens for us all for years and years and years….

Here’s Brian’s blog announcing it.