February’s Ink Drop is ‘My Inky Valentine’. Thank Rachel for this month’s clever theme, as it was her idea to make this month’s selection a bouquet of roses.

Here are February’s colors:

Noodler’s Shah’s Rose
Private Reserve Arabian Rose
J. Herbin Rose Cyclamen
Private Reserve Rose Rage
Noodler’s Ottoman Rose

A lot of people have been really excited about this month’s Ink Drop. I personally have really enjoyed it because it’s what Ink Drop is all about….showcasing really good, underrated inks. Many of these inks are ones that you either wouldn’t think to buy or wouldn’t want to buy just on speculation, so they’re perfect for sampling.

Whether you’re interested in getting a whole bottle of these or not, they’re definitely fun inks to try out. I hope you’ll be able to write some steamy love letters to your valentine with them ;) If you are interested in joining Ink Drop, you still have through February 14th to get in on this month’s colors. 

There are several great threads going on about this month’s drop on the Fountain Pen Network, I invite you to see what people are saying and add to the conversation either on FPN or here in the comments:




What do you think of February’s colors?