Tonight’s broadcast was good, we covered a lot of info about the latest stuff we’re all waiting for… Edison Nouveau Premieres!

The Premieres are scheduled to be ready to ship around the first week of March, still no definite date yet. We’re going to work on teaser photos later this week and start taking pre-orders on Monday! They’re coming along really nicely and we’re all getting really excited about them.

We’re still waiting on a bunch of Noodler’s inks (like Black Swan!), but they’ll be trickling in over the next week or so. Keep checking regularly, and sign up for ‘back in stock’ emails to be notified when they are in for sure.

We also have 8×10 prints of Noodler’s artwork, which we’ll have available for sale. Nathan does all of the artwork for his Noodler’s ink labels, and he offered us Dragon’s Napalm, Black Swan in Australian Roses, and La Reine Mauve artwork to sell to anyone who’s interested. He’s only going to do 50 prints of each label, and they will be numbered. The 3 we have aren’t signed by the artist, but we’re looking into that for future prints. If you have any requests for prints of Noodler’s artwork, email Rachel.

Platinum is apparently coming out with a new line of inks called ‘Mix-Free’, which are waterproof mixable inks (9 of them, I think). They’re really not even supposed to be public info yet, but thanks to this one blogger, the cat’s out of the bag and everyone’s asking about it already! It should be coming to the US at some point in the next month or two, we’ll keep you posted.

We’re officially Sailor retailers now, waiting for our first order to arrive in. If you have any interest in Sailor pens, we’re taking special orders for anything in the line. Email Rachel if you’re interested.

The giveaway was an eyedropper brush pen from a bottle of 4.5 ounce Baystate Blue, a pretty cool little pen, really. Congrats Francis for winning by guessing the closest number of Ink Drop members that we currently have, which as of this broadcast was 222. We saw a huge jump in membership with February’s colors, much to our surprise and delight! This has been a fun month’s colors, and everyone seems to be enjoying them.

Lastly, we want to encourage everyone to ‘like’ Goulet Pens on Facebook, and follow me (Brian) on Twitter @GouletPens. We’re working to be a lot more active on both of these, and we welcome you to join us in the conversations going on there. Write on!