Nathan at Noodler’s has really outdone himself on this ink! It’s a fast-dry formula, and it seems to be  REALLY fast! Nathan designed this ink specifically for higher-end papers like Rhodia and Clairefontaine (that he demonstrates in the video) that are made to repel ink, for them to dry fast enough (.5-1 second) for left-handed writers to use wet-writing pens.

There are two inks, Bernanke Black and Bernanke Blue….no subtly on this one!! For those who aren’t familiar, Ben Bernanke is our current Federal Reserve Chairman, and Nathan *hints* at his feelings about Bernanke’s monetary policy, you may pick up on that a bit in the latter half of the video. ;) Nathan designed these inks for Bernanke so that he can continue to print money as fast as possible without worrying about ink smearing! He put Ben’s picture right on the bottle!!

Nathan has gotten some attention before with his politically charged messages on his bottles, which are always a bit tongue-in-cheek. Think Nikita, Tiananmen, #41 Brown…. Bernanke Black and Blue are no exceptions! They may be the most blatant and obviously political messages he’s ever done on a bottle of ink. Whether you agree with his opinions or not, you have to admit that it takes some serious gall to put your views out there like Nathan does!

But stirring political issues aside, the ink itself looks to be pretty incredible. Some of the visual detail is lost in the video, but it appears to dry in record time even on fine papers. My favorite part is watching Nathan continually beating his fist down on the table to try to smear the ink! Love it!

The one question I have that I’m sure a lot of you are wondering is whether there are any flow issues or issues with ink drying on the nib as there are with other fast-drying inks. These are things that I’ll look to investigate as soon as we get the ink in, which should be tomorrow.

Though this ink did exist before in a retailer-exclusive form under a different name, it will no longer be sold that way. It should be available soon through your favorite Noodler’s retailer. If that happens to be us, then GREAT! You can get it from Goulet Pens here.

What do you think?