Okay so funny story….an enthusiastic fan of Noodler’s had set up a Noodler’s ‘Group’ on Facebook. The administrator of said Noodler’s group apparently felt inspired to make Rachel as an administrator to the group, unbeknown to her! So randomly a few days ago she discovered she’s apparently admin for the group….groups are okay but SOOOO Facebook 2005. Fanpages are where it’s at today because they’re much simpler to join, quit, manage, and network with others.

So Rachel inquired with Luxury Brands (the US distributor of Noodler’s Ink) about spearheading a Noodler’s Fanpage. The reason for it is to have one place where fans of the company and its products can get up to date information about the products, and share with each other about their experiences and feelings of Noodler’s.

Here are some things you can do on the Noodler’s Fanpage:

  • Add your own pictures
  • Post links to videos and other sites
  • Have discussions about Noodler’s topics
  • Get updates on new and existing products
  • Share updates with other Facebookers
  • Find retailers who carry Noodler’s products
  • Link up with other Noodler’s fans

There’s lots of fun stuff you can do there! In the interest of full disclosure here, I will say that Rachel and I are both administrators for the Noodler’s Fanpage, but our intention is not to drive business to ourselves. It is more as a favor (since we’re already quite active on Facebook and elsewhere online) to Luxury Brands and Noodler’s that we are doing it. We will try to keep ‘retailer talk’ to an minimum, the focus will be purely on the products and the people who love them :) Our motivation is to spread goodwill about the brand so that Nathan is freed up to do what he does best, make ink (and pens, and artwork…and heaven knows what else in the future!).

So if you’re on Facebook and you’re a fan of Noodler’s, then you should go be a fan of Noodler’s on Facebook! Do it here.