Last night’s Write Time at 9 was joined by Brian Gray. It was a pretty long and epic broadcast, 2 hours! But it went that long because we were diving deep into pen materials, nibs, and the business mindset of the Edison and Goulet companies. We dove deeper into our business philosophy than ever before, and I think it would be interesting for just about anyone to watch.

Most of the conversation was dominated by talk of our Edison Nouveau Premiere pen launch. It’s been an exciting launch, as you can see from our post the other day. We dove in talking about custom nib options, as we’ve had a lot of questions about that with these pens.

Here’s what we clarified:

  • Nibs on the Premiere are swappable as an entire nib/feed unit with relative ease
  • We are going to update our site with the ability to purchase multiple nibs
  • All gold nibs (sold apart from the pens) will be sold direct through Edison
  • Steel nib/feed units will be around $15
  • Standard nib options are fine, medium, broad
  • Other custom nib options are available for an additional fee. Email me (Brian Goulet) if you’re curious about them or if you have any other nib questions for the Premiere

The giveaway (yes we actually PLANNED this one!) went to the fan who guessed what the name of the Edison Pen Co was before it was the Edison Pen Co. The answer? Pencraft Online! Congrats to @honorless for guessing first correctly and winning a fresh new 50ml bottle of Sailor Jentle Blue-Black!

We’re also stoked about March’s Ink Drop!! At the risk of overhyping it, I will say it is the most epic and surprising Ink Drop we’ve done to date! It’s Mysterious March, and the inks were chosen by vote here over month ago. We have a couple you may expect, some you may not, and a couple that will most certainly be a total surprise!! Oh, we’re so excited :)

We also touched on Platinum Celluloid pens. We have a couple, and we’ll be posting pics of them soon and making them available for sale. Brian gave us a great insight as a pen maker about celluloid as a material. It’s great to hear about it from a pen maker!

Thanks to everyone who tuned in. It was a really fun broadcast, with record setting viewership. We had about 140 people take time out of their night to join us, it was awesome!! We’d love to have you there next week!