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We set a new record last night for the number of live viewers to our broadcast! We’ll have to take a week off more often, haha! Seriously though, it was a fun broadcast with a lot of involvement in the chat (which always makes it more fun). We just got in prototypes of the collaborative pens with Brian Gray, and showed them live.

The name we’ve decided for the pens is:

Edison Nouveau Premiere

The meaning behind this name is multi-faceted. Edison is making the pens, and has been an integral part of the design. We’ve had a lot of the communication and input from pen fans on Ink Nouveau, so putting the two together seemed natural. It also has a dual meaning, because these are the first pens that Edison is doing in a ‘production’ format in this price range, they’re the most affordable Edisons ever made!

We are calling it the Premiere (with an ‘e’!) because it is an introduction to the pen world for a new type of pen. This is a pen that is made one-at-a-time with the care and attention of a custom Edison pen, but with a more attainable price. We’re touting this as the ‘pen for the people’, a high-quality American-made pen that is an ‘unlimited edition’. We wanted to call it the Premiere with an ‘e’ instead of the Premier (no ‘e’ on the end), because it changes the meaning of the word. Premier means ‘premium’ or ‘limited’. Premiere is an announcement, an introduction to a movie, play, or musical, it’s the celebration of a new production. It’s no secret that if the Premiere is a successful and popular pen, there will be new Edison Nouveau pens added to the line, making the Premiere the first of a new line of ‘pens for the people’!

We will be posting teaser photos soon of the Edison Nouveau Premieres. They’re going to be available (barring any delays) around the first week of March.

We’ve been out of stock of many popular things….Baystate Blue, 1670, Black Swan, flex nib pens, and many other inks. We’re starting to get in a lot of products now, so it will be getting better soon.

The February Ink Drop is out, and everyone’s enjoying the colors. This has been a fun month, for sure! Rachel jokes that her choosing to do ‘Rose’ inks is because I haven’t bought her roses in a long time 😛 It’s not too late to sign up, you have until the 14th to get this month’s colors 😉

We’re also becoming Sailor retailers (it rhymes!), so if you’re interested in any Sailor pens, let us know. We’re going to carry all of their inks, but the pens are a bit overwhelming to dive into without knowing where the interest lies. If you have any interest, let us know.

Lastly, we’re looking for ideas for ink sample packages. We’ll have well over 300 colors to choose from, so it would be much nicer (and more fun) to have packages put together of maybe 5-10 ink samples, grouped together in helpful and interesting categories like ‘ocean colors’, ‘nice shading inks’, ‘flourescent inks’, etc. If you have any ideas, let us know!