Bernard is a customer of ours in France, and sent us this video he made unpacking his GPC order. Some of you may recognize my overzealous packing, haha! It’s a fun and creative video, great job Bernard! If anyone else has fun or creative ideas for showing off your stash, shoot me an email and we can share it ;) ~Brian Goulet

Dear Brian, dear Rachel,
I am so excited about all I am discovering with you! I am a newbie in the pen and ink’s world and it is such a fun! During the last Write Time at 9! you wished that people should send some pictures or vids of the packaging and so on… Here is one! I had my Iphone when my 11 year old daughter came with the inks and pens you had sent to me… this is not a professional movie but I think you and Rachel will find it cool… I had a lot of fun doing it… I know you will appreciate the epilogue.

Best regards and thanks again for the good work and the entertainment!