Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. What was supposed to be a relaxing weekend of spending time with Rachel’s family to celebrate her father and sister’s birthdays turned into a case of the stomach flu for both Rachel and our little 14-month old, Joseph. Joseph is getting better but Rachel is still down for the count. I’ve been playing Mr. Mom all weekend, and it hasn’t been easy because our sick little boy just wants to be comforted by his mommy, and his mommy is really sick, too.

Believe it or not, we’re a pretty small operation, so when one of us is down, it’s a serious blow to our schedule. Everything you see with Ink Nouveau is me, and Goulet Pens and is all done by me, my wife (Rachel), and two part-time helpers we have. We all work pretty hard and very efficiently, as you would expect in any small business. We’ve been running near full capacity as is, so a sickness like this hits us hard. I am putting my family first, so I’m having to work double-time to get caught up on all the Goulet Pens and Ink Nouveau stuff as I can do it.

It’s also been no secret that we’re getting in a new brand of ink and pens this week (probably on Tuesday). It’s incredibly exciting for us, but also compounds the craziness that will be happening over the next few days. I can’t say yet what the brand is, but let me just say it’s not going to be easy to photograph and swab the new inks and ink bottles coming in. What free time I would have had I was going to spend updating the Swab Shop and doing photos for the site, but I may have to put that off (which I hate to do!) due to family commitments.

So why am I going on about all this?…it’s not for pity. We’ll be fine, we’ll work through it. There’s no question about that. Rachel and I are some of the toughest and hardest working folks you’ll ever know, so that’s no issue. The reason I wanted to share all this is because I wanted to show that we’re human, that it’s not just a website and blog you’re seeing. Goulet Pens and Ink Nouveau is me and Rachel. We’re people, and we have crazy stuff happen to us just like you have crazy stuff happen to you. We can all relate.

The main point I want to get across is that we’re going to have to be tunnel visioned this week. We already have a crazy backlog of orders from the weekend, and it’s going to take some long hours over the next week for me to catch up. Any time I would be devoting to Ink Nouveau or pictures or any of that ‘bonus’ stuff this week will come secondary to taking care of my family. We do have the new brand coming in and I will blog about it when we get it, but it may be a shorter, simpler blog.

We’ll have to make some sacrifices this week. I doubt I’ll be able to do Write Time. I want to, and I need to announce the Ink Drop theme for April, but I don’t think I’ll be able to swing a live broadcast to do it. Even if I can get caught up in time to do the broadcast, I’ll likely be exhausted and not really have much to talk about besides how tired I am, ha! I’d rather save the effort for when I can prepare something good rather than just show up. I’ll post a blog on Tuesday morning one way or another letting you know if we can do the broadcast, I just can’t tell at this point if it’ll happen.

I can’t promise I’ll be very active on Ink Nouveau this week, or be posting on FPN or Twitter or Facebook like I normally would. What I will promise though is that I’ll try. I’ll do my absolute best and give you all everything I can of myself after I have taken care of the two most important people to me in the world, my wife and little boy.