I’ve been pursuing Lamy (pronounced “Lommy”) for months with emails and phone calls to no avail. This past weekend, Rachel casually contacts them. Four days later, we have Lamy at our doorstep. In the same weekend, she casually contacted another brand (we’ll be releasing that soon enough, don’t worry), and that is in the works as well. I’m going to let her handle things from now on! ;)

Anyway, thank Rachel for her great work. We now have Lamy, which has been one of the brands most requested by our fans and customers. I’m thrilled because we get questions about them all the time, and now I’ll know what the heck I’m talking about. We’re still learning the brand and finding what we should carry, so let us know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see.

I found a few hours somehow and took some new pics of the pens, enjoy!

Lamy Al-Star– brushed aluminum, really nice! First thing I did was set aside a blue one for myself ;)

Lamy Safari– same style as Al-Star, but plastic instead of aluminum, and grip is not translucent.

 Lamy Vista– same as Al-Star and Safari, but in a clear demonstrator.
Lamy Joy– italic (calligraphy) pens, same as all the others except for the body, which is long and tapered (still posts, though).
Spare Nibs– one of the coolest things about these pens, the nibs are all the same and are all swappable.
I know sooooo many people are huge fans of these pens, and for good reason. We’re happy to finally be a part of the conversation going on about these pens.
**Since this original post, I’ve since done a video on how to replace the nibs of Lamy pens using only scotch tape, check it out here
What’s your experience with Lamy pens?