When I first set up Ink Nouveau, it was against the logic of what a typical ‘company’ blog should be. Common business sense would say that I should have named my blog ‘The Goulet Pen Company Blog’, to build all of my brand equity in the company name that pays my bills.

Ink Nouveau is a gift from me, the blog itself pays me nothing. Ink Nouveau has no affiliation other than the obvious one that whatever I do is backed by me and GouletPens.com. The reason I wanted to call it Ink Nouveau and not ‘Goulet Pen Co. Blog’ is because I wanted to do something more than just push my products or promote sales.

Sure, I do that stuff, I won’t lie. But I try not to do any more of it than I have to, because that’s really not the point of this blog. The point of it is to provide education and motivation around the writing products that we all find so intriguing and interesting in the world of fountain pens.

Seth Godin

What sparked me to write about all this is the blog post that Seth Godin wrote yesterday. Seth Godin is an author and marketing guru who I read regularly, he has lots of great books that are short and easy to read. His ideas and straightforward and innovative, and he always likes to challenge his readers.

His post today talked about jumping in line vs. opening the door. He did a comparison of darting ahead of a line of cars waiting to get on the highway, and how that act is selfish and hurts others to benefit you. Everyone else has to wait while you cut in line.

He contrasted that selfish motivation to the act of cutting in a line of people waiting to get through a single door of an office building. In doing so, you have the opportunity to open up a new door that was previously closed. Your own act is something that benefits you, but also benefits others because now others also have the door you opened to walk through.

This analogy really struck me today. So often I wonder why I’m so driven to work crazy long hours and do all of the insane things I do like Ink Drop, ink samples, Write Time, posting on FPN, chatting on Twitter, the Facebook fanpage, my YouTube videos, and everything here on Ink Nouveau. When I add up all the time I spend doing things that don’t pay me directly, it probably adds up to as many or more hours than I spend doing the daily operations of GPC.

So why do I do it?

I do it because I have to. It’s not because someone’s telling me to, or my business will fail if I don’t. I am called to do it, like it’s natural to me and I’ve been given a unique set of skills and circumstances to be doing what I’m doing. I see the chance to open a new door for the writing community. I see a need that I can meet, so I’m opening that door.

I’m holding a new door open to the writing world, for anyone that wants to walk through it.