Getting It In

We were backordered on our Lamy inks from our opening order, and from my previous experiences with backorders with other distributors I was thinking it would be weeks before we got them in. Nope! 4 days, and there they were.

In the past, I’ve always managed to put off doing pictures and ink swabs for new ink color for weeks after I get them. After all, it’s a time consuming process. But this time I just decided I’d get it done right away. So the night we got the inks in, I did swabs, scanned them, color adjusted them, I took pics of the bottles, and Rachel put them up on the Swab Shop. Here they are:

Before you email me, I know the Lamy Red looks hot pink. That’s cuz it really kind of is hot pink. It’s really not very red at all! It’s quite a vibrant pink! Now, typical disclaimer here, the swabs on your screen are going to be slightly different than they look in real life. I adjusted them to be as accurate as possible on a computer screen.

What I’d Heard About Lamy Inks

There were really only two things I ever heard much about Lamy inks. One was that the bottles were awesome. They are sturdy and nearly impossible to tip over. They have a roll of blotting paper on the bottom (I’m unsure at this point if they sell refills of this paper or not), which is used to clean the ink off your nib when you fill your pen. They’re the only company that has that, and that’s pretty cool, I have to say!

The bottles also have a reservoir in them to help you when filling your pen when the ink level is low. You can see this reservoir built in to the bottom of the bottle if you take off the blotting paper holder:

The bottle itself is sort of like a spinning top shape, and the blotting paper holder just snaps on to the bottom. It’s really kind of neat.

The other thing that I’ve heard about Lamy inks was about the Turquoise. The other colors are fine, they seem sort of ‘safe’ and conventional like most of the inks that come from pen companies (like Pelikan, Sheaffer, Waterman, etc). But Turquoise is the one color we’ve had people asking us about repeatedly. Just from doing the swab and a short writing sample, I can say it’s an ink that looks very neat, and can shift from more of a blue to a green depending on your pen and paper, and it shades well. I look forward to getting to know this ink better.

Your Experience With Lamy Ink

We had people ask us to carry Lamy inks, so here we are. We have them updated in our Swab Shop, and we have samples set up. I have little experience with the inks so far, though I do plan to change that. But until I do, I’d love to hear what you think of them. What I want to know is what experience do you have with Lamy inks and bottles?