Rachel and I were a little scattered to start, but really pumped up for tonight’s video. We had a crazy, crazy day getting Ink Drop together, but we did get them out! Ohhh, we’re SO excited too! I really hope everyone likes them, we’re so pumped to get feedback on them!

We talked about the new Bernanke Fast-Dry inks from Noodler’s. I have been playing with them this week, and overall they’re exceeding my expectations. The blue is more vibrant than I thought it would be, and does dry really fast. I’ll be doing a video on them soon.

We also did a writing comparison between the different Edison Nouveau nibs. The video quality isn’t the greatest on Ustream, so it’s not that great to tell the difference in the pen writing, though. I’ll be doing a video on that soon!

We have new swag for our Goulet orders, including stickers and bookmarks! We improved on the bookmarks we had before, taking your advice to make them smaller, with a matte finish and rounded corners. We also threw the idea out there for bumper stickers and other fun things like that, and we got some great ideas and taglines from you all. Keep the ideas coming!

The giveaway tonight was actually a dual one, one of each bottle of Bernanke Blue and Bernanke Black Noodler’s Fast-Dry inks. The winners had to be the first to email us during the broadcast with the correct answer for what the original names were for the inks when they were a retailer exclusive. Bernanke Black was originally ‘Midnight Black’, and Bernanke Blue was originally ‘North Sea Blue’. Congrats to our winners ;)

We took several polls throughout the broadcast, and here are some of the results:

Poll Question: What size nib do you prefer?

1. fine or smaller – Total Votes: 35 Percentage: 60%
2. medium – Total Votes: 13 Percentage: 22%
3. broad or bigger – Total Votes: 1 Percentage: 2%
4. italic – Total Votes: 9 Percentage: 16%

Poll Question: Do you see any purple in Baystate Blue?

1. Yes – Total Votes: 12 Percentage: 32%
2. No – Total Votes: 25 Percentage: 68%

Poll Question: What type of videos do you want to see?

1. 1-2 minute quick tips – Total Votes: 14 Percentage: 21%
2. 5-10 minute full reviews – Total Votes: 50 Percentage: 74%
3. 30-60 minute tv/podcast/write time show – Total Votes: 4 Percentage: 6%

These are all poll questions that we did live during the broadcast, a very cool feature of Ustream!

A special thanks to all our fans that showed up live to talk in the chat and watch us talk pens and stuff :) We love that you love the stuff we love! Be sure to come back and see us live next Tuesday, March 8th at 9pm EST for another Write Time!