This week had a lot of Noodler’s ink action. I know, it seems like we’re talking about Noodler’s a lot lately but c’mon! Noodler’s has released 5 new colors in the last WEEK and everyone else is still working on their stuff with nothing set to release.

Anyway, we cover Bernanke Blue and Black, Kung Te-cheng, Whaleman’s Sepia, and Black Swan in English Roses. I’m going to try my darndest to steal some time this week to post some quick reviews of these inks.

The giveaway went to Nathan (no, not THAT Nathan) who correctly guess which book was released today that I was simply dying to get from my most inspiring business role model. It’s Gary Vaynerchuk who released his new book Thank You Economy. I have no affiliation other than the fact we’re a success story of his business principles ;) Nathan won a new bottle of Black Swan in English Roses. Congrats!

We also announced, or rather teased, that we’re going to be carrying two new lines of pens and inks. That’s all we’re saying for now. We aren’t going to give anything away. Once we get our new goodies in, we’ll let you know.

It was a fun broadcast, lasting just about an hour and fifteen minutes. Be sure to join us live next week at 9pm EST.