Yesterday I posted about our weekend involving both Rachel and our son Joseph getting really sick. They’re both still recovering, and I’m spread really thin right now with taking care of them and running GPC. There’s just no way Write Time can happen this week, and for that I’m really, really sorry.

We did have a few things to talk about: Lamy inks, the range of Lamy nibs, Lamy 2000s and Studios, April’s Ink Drop theme, and our secret brand we’re supposed to get in today. Lots of fun stuff…so we’ll have to talk about it next week.

I will post what I can tomorrow instead of posting a recorded Write Time video. I apologize to everyone we’re letting down by canceling this week’s broadcast. I’m disappointed myself :(

I am curious to know though, what brand do you think it is we’re getting in? We’ve dropped hints, I just want to see what you think…