It’s time for another episode of Write Time at 9! If you’re just hanging out tonight at 9pm EST, you should just hang out with us and talk pen stuff.

This week we’re going to discuss:

  • Edison Nouveau Premiere writing samples (fine/medium/broad)
  • Updates on the Premiere delivery and nib options
  • Noodler’s Bernanke Fast-Dry inks (in use)
  • Why fine nibs are the most popular
  • Cleaning your pens with an ultrasonic cleaner
  • New Goulet bookmarks and stickers
  • Sharing your art
  • The future of Ink Nouveau videos
  • Giveaway: bottle of Bernanke ink!

We’ll of course touch on a lot of topics, but these are all things that we’ve been up to the last week. Be there with us live to have a chance to win a free bottle of the new Bernanke ink! It’s always a lot of fun and we’re open to any questions you might have about writing/pens/ink/paper. See you there!