It’s the Ink Drop Easter Egg Hunt!

This month for Ink Drop, we did a theme unlike anything we’ve done before. Normally we send out 5 labeled samples related to whatever the month’s theme is. This month, we selected Easter Egg Hunt as the theme, and sent out 5 samples labeled only as Easter Eggs #1-5. Like small children hunting for plastic Easter eggs, we wanted YOU to search and find and guess what colors they are! Which brings us to our contest….

Today launches the Ink Drop Easter Egg Hunt giveaway contest. If you’re an Ink Drop member, we want you to guess what 5 colors you think you got this month. For each one you guess correctly, you’ll be eligible to win a free full-size bottle of that color. We’ll be randomly selecting each winner from the correct guesses and will announce it on the blog.

“How do I enter?”

Enter in the contest by answering a short survey. The survey link is posted below. It’s pretty simple – we just want your five guesses for the colors (be sure to include the brand too!), then your name and email so we can contact you if you win!

Please be sure to complete the entire survey and only enter once. The contest begins right now, and ends on Monday (4/18) at 11:59pm EST. Enter anytime between now and then.

The winners and the answers will be announced live during our Write Time at 9 broadcast on Tuesday night (4/19) at 9pm EST, and posted up on the Ink Nouveau blog on Wednesday morning (4/20). Once we’ve announced the colors, we’ll be making the discounted bottles available for sale to members on our site too.

“How on earth am I supposed to figure out these colors?”

First of all, use the inks! Swab them, write with them, get a feel for how they perform. Compare it to inks you already have. Then probably the best thing to do would be to look at our Swab Shop and compare colors. Obviously there may be slight differences in how things appear in person versus on a computer monitor, but it should help. You can look by color group, by brand, or pick and choose to compare colors side-by-side. You can also browse forums like the Fountain Pen Network, or other blogs that have ink reviews. We have quite a few of our favorite blogs listed to the right under Blog List. If all else fails, just take a wild guess!

“Why did you do this? It’s driving me crazy not to know!”

We thought it’d be fun, and something different. A lot of people form opinions on brands and colors before they’ve ever tried it for themselves. This is like doing a blind taste test, but with pen and ink! We think you may be surprised by the answers.

Don’t worry, next month we’ll go back to regularly labeled vials. ;)

“What if I’m not an Ink Drop member?”

There’s still time to sign up! You have until the 14th of the month to sign up and receive that month’s colors. We have an ongoing membership (where you are automatically billed each month), or a prepaid version where you can select how many months you want to do and pay up front. You can even just do one month to try it out and see how you like it! And you don’t just get the 5 samples, but you’ll get discounts on the full bottles and other items on our site.

If you decide that you’re not interested or can’t financially swing it, no problem. We’ll have other giveaways on the blog in the future.

What did you think of the theme this month… fun or frustrating? Which inks do you like best?