It’s not enough that LAMY has their own proprietary ink cartridge converter….they have two different ones! Here’s the one that most of you have probably seen before, the LAMY Z24:

But there’s another one! The LAMY Z26:

So what’s the difference? Well, the Z24 (red one) only fits the Safari, Vista, Al-Star, and Joy. The Z26 fits all these, though it is the only one that fits in the Accent, Studio, CP1 and Logo. We carry both converters, if you care.

None of this reeeeally matters too much, after all, the pens that require the Z26 all come with a Z26 already, so it’s only relevant if you need a replacement. And the pens that don’t come with converters (Safari/Vista/Al-Star) can accept either version. The Z26 costs a few cents more, not enough to really matter too much. What does matter is if you wanted to have a slicker-looking Vista (the clear pen), the Z26 just looks a little snazzier than the Z24, in my opinion.

Vista with a Z24:

Vista with a Z26:

What do you think?