Ink journals are a great way to keep a reference of the way different inks look in different pens. They can be especially helpful if you enjoy sampling inks, so you can refer back to them later if you’re going for just the right ink for a particular writing project. I had ink scribblings in several different journals before, but never really in one place for me to use for comparisons in the future. At least until last week.

What’s my journal of choice? An A4 Clairefontaine Basic Clothbound. I like white paper for my journal because it shows the true color of the ink. The nice paper resists bleedthrough from almost any pen/ink combo, so I can confidently write on both sides of each sheet.

I tend to switch up the pens I use so I can see how the ink varies. I could test all the inks more methodically, but I’m not really such a scientific guy. I kind of just ink up what pen inspires me with whatever ink I want to use, and go for it. I just write a paragraph about my impression of the ink and how it performs in the pen I’m using, nothing too fancy.

Do you keep an ink journal? What’s your journal, and how do you use it?