So I’m trying out this new type of video that I’m calling ‘First Impressions’. Essentially, I want to capture the excitement and enthusiasm that I have when I try out a new product for the first time. When I’m doing thorough reviews, I tend to be so focused on remembering my facts right and making sure I cover all of the important points before I finish that it can put a damper on the excitement I would normally show.

I want to capture just some of what goes through my head when trying something for the first time. In this case, it’s the Pilot Custom 74. Now, I have to be honest and say I did ink this pen up and use it for a few lines before I got the idea to do a first impression vid, so this isn’t literally a first impression. But it’s a pretty good idea of what you could expect, I suppose!

Another great benefit to this style of video is that it takes significantly less time for me to produce, so I’ll be able to do a lot more of them! My goal would be to do a first impression vid for every new product we get in (especially pens).

So let me know what you think! If it sucks, just tell me so. If you love it, tell me that to. Just post what you think about my video or the Pilot Custom 74 in the comments…

Update: check out my more recent review here!