Tonight is going to be a very special live Write Time broadcast, because we’ll have Nathan Tardif of Noodler’s Ink joining us live by phone! He is the ‘Willy Wonka’ behind everything that goes on with Noodler’s ink and pens, and is a fascinating man to listen to. I’m extremely excited to see what unfolds during the broadcast.

Nathan’s time is incredibly valuable, as he’s working hard to get out the flex pens and inks we all crave so badly, so he will likely only be able to share about 20-30 minutes of his time. I’m unsure at this point whether it’ll take place at 9pm exactly or a little further into the broadcast, I’m shooting to get him on as close to 9pm as possible. It all depends on what suits him best. He half-jokingly said he may actually be bottling ink during the broadcast…the man never rests!

If you aren’t able to make it live, then we will be recording the broadcast and posting it on YouTube later. I don’t have specific topics to discuss with him, I will more or less just probe to see what his motivations are for doing what he does, how he got into it all, etc. I’ll be fielding questions from the live chat going on during the broadcast if I can squeeze them in, and we’ll elaborate on the conversation after he leaves.

So if you could spread the word about him coming to our broadcast, it would be most appreciated. He’s the most notoriously busy man in the fountain pen world, so the fact he’s willing to join us at all is an absolute honor. Help me try to get as many people to show up as possible! Be sure to stop by at 9pm Eastern US time to hear him talk live.