We dove right in on this one with the new Edison Hudson pens. We talked about them last week, but didn’t have them in stock. Brian Gray was kind enough to send some over to us so we could check them out. I have to say, I’m impressed (but not surprised, knowing Brian’s work). We compared them to the Premieres, and we’ll be doing a more comprehensive video later on.

I inked up the Namiki Falcon for the first time. It write smoother than I expected, and is very easy to use in ‘normal’ writing. It’s a neat pen, and I’ll be showing it more on my next ‘first impression’ video.

The Namiki/Pilot Vanishing Point in a Raden finish finally came in, and it’s quite nice. I’ll be taking nice pictures and talking more about it later.

Nathan Tardiff will be joining us live in next week’s broadcast! I’m not sure exactly what we’ll be talking about, but whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be fascinating! We’re going to be getting more Noodler’s Flex pens in sometime in the next couple of weeks. We aren’t sure which colors exactly or how many we’ll get, but I know there are a LOT of people that have been waiting for them.

We also have our Ink Drop Easter Egg Hunt contest going on right now (until the 18th). We’ve had about 1/6 of the members guess so far, though I think most are waiting until closer to the end date ;) Everyone is eager to see which colors are which, though there is a lot of talk about #4!

We have a lot of products in our clearance section, the Goulet Outlet, right now. That’s no accident. We explain more why in the video, but bottom line is that Rachel and I have decided to cap out our growth with our current space limitations. We had been considering getting a warehouse space and moving out of our garage, hiring some new staff, and going ‘big’. We know we can do it, but it would change things drastically for us. It would be really, really hard to keep our exciting, nimble, personal mom and pop feel if we grow too quickly. We’ve grown about as quickly as anyone could so far, and we’re going to keep things stable for a little bit.

Don’t be fooled though, we’re still going to do everything we’ve already been doing….videos, pictures, blogs, great customer service, fast shipping, etc. But we’re going to be a little smarter about what we carry. We’re dropping some of the things that haven’t been selling well for us, and that’s what’s in the Outlet. It’s not that they’re bad products, it’s more that we’re maxed out on our space and need to make room on our shelves for more new products. If there’s anything we’re dropping that you’d like to continue to be able to get, we’re more than happy to arrange special orders for you.

All in all it was a great broadcast. It was one of the more serious broadcasts we’ve done, but informative and entertaining nonetheless. Thanks to everyone that came live to join us! We always love talking with you.