We admittedly weren’t very ‘lively’ in the video, it was pretty much just a test to make sure JustinTV actually works, and test out the YouTube upload feature. We had to be quiet because the test was late and our son was in bed! The video quality should be much better with our proper lighting that we’ll have for the real broadcast.

If you’ve seen Write Time lately, you know we’ve been plagued with technical issues on Ustream, which has been the live video hosting service we’ve used for almost a year now. These issues caused us to start shopping around for a new broadcasting service, and we found JustinTV.

There are some great features that we have with JustinTV:

  1. It works. Audio and video. Big plus there.
  2. It has a chat, just like Ustream did. We’re still learning the features, but it has a chat.
  3. Direct YouTube uploads. This is a big deal for our fans who can’t watch live. Justin automatically records the entire broadcast and holds it for 7 days, and we can do a direct upload to YouTube and keep it there forever (theoretically), which will share Write Time with our ever-growing YouTube fanbase, as well as give you more viewing options than before.

The only downside is that JustinTV is (obviously) a different service than Ustream, so you’ll have to create a new account there if you want to participate in the chat. We’re sorry for that, but creating an account is free and easy to do.

So Write Time will keep trucking along at it’s normal time, 9pm EDT tonight, Tuesday April 5th. You can either watch it on the Write Time at 9 Broadcast page here on Ink Nouveau.

Our topics for this week:

  • New Sailor inks (set to arrive today, hopefully!)
  • Special edition matte black Pilot Vanishing Points
  • April Ink Drop
  • Talk about videos posted on Ink Nouveau in the last week
  • Questions for Nathan Tardiff of Noodler’s Ink on a future Write Time broadcast (TBA)

So come join us and let us know how you like the new (working) broadcast!